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GIS Data Links

Air Photo Index and Warehouse (APFO) Air photo indexes and status graphics for aerial photography and orthophotography.

BLM Oregon/Washington GIS Data

Boise State University - GIS links page

Clearwater National Forest GIS The GIS data Clearinghouse for the Clearwater National Forest ownership, natural resources, forestry, insects and disease, roads, and recreation.

Census Tiger Files The home for the Census Bureau geographic information data Clearinghouse. Download census data, TIGER line files, roads, zip codes and more from this site hosted by the Census Bureau.

Census Tiger Files Download US Census 2000 TIGER data. TIGER line/point/polygon files, roads, zip codes and more in the form of ESRI shapefiles. Hosted by ESRI.

Digital Atlas of Idaho Primarily static maps that contain information regarding all aspects of the State. A good resource for learning the geography of Idaho.

DLG Data (Large Scale Digital Line Graphs for Idaho) 1:24,000 DLG data Clearinghouse for Idaho hosted by the USGS.

Coeur d'Alene Tribe GIS Data Clearinghouse GIS data Clearinghouse for the Coeur d'Alene tribe. Cultural and natural resource GIS data for the vicinity of the tribal reservation boundaries.

Current Earthquakes Map showing current seismic activity.

Earth Explorer Query and order satellite images, aerial photographs, and cartographic products through the U.S. Geological Survey.

EPA Northwest Data Library The EPA GIS data Clearinghouse for the Pacific Northwest Region. Download data pertinent to the mission of the EPA, such as pollutants, Superfund sites, and other data regarding the environment.

ESRI Free GIS Data Download GIS data from ESRI. Demographic data, tiger data, and census data for free, other data available for a nominal fee.

Federal Communication Commission (FCC) GIS data Clearinghouse for the Federal Communications Commission.Economic zones, cell phone regions, and other data related to the mission of the FCC.

Forest Service Region 4 GIS

Forest Service Region 6 Regional Ecosystem Office GIS Data and Links Regional Forest Service GIS data Clearinghouse. Download data, tools, and applications.

Forest Service Active Fire Maps Here you will find information on current large fires, active fire maps, and fire imagery as seen by the MODIS instrument on board NASA's EOS satellites, Download GIS data regarding active fires.

Forest Service Roadless Area Data GIS Data available for Inventoried Roadless Areas, Arc/INFO export files for Alaska and the lower 48 states.

Geocommunicator A large searchable GIS Clearinghouse, the GeoCommunicator is a land management and land records community based portal of the Geography Network focused on communication, data, and activities of interest to anyone involved in or interested in the management of lands within the United States.

Geography Network A large searchable GIS Clearinghouse containing data, applications, maps, and web services. Featured publishers include Pixxures, National Geographic, ESRI, Nature Conservancy, and the USGS. Classroom resources available on the Geography Network for students and educators.

Geospatial One Stop Data Search Federal initiative providing a service to all levels of government and the private sector. Nationwide Clearinghouse for all GIS data at all levels of Government. Supports keyword searches. Downloadable data, map services and more.

GIS data at the Washington State Department of Ecology The Washington State Dept. of Ecology provides data sets which describe the diverse natural and cultural environment of the state. In addition to a state base map, counties, tribal lands, and USGS quadrangle boundaries, other data layers include rivers, shorelines, lake bathymetry, water flow data, dams, and air quality data. Spatial datasets are available in ArcInfo export format (zipped E00), metadata files are in FGDC format, and view files are in GIF format. All coverages are in washington State Plane, South Zone, NAD 27, unless otherwise noted

GIS Data for Water Resources From the USGS

Global Change Data Download GIS data focused on Global Climate Change. Supported by multiple agencies, data catalogs 1999-2003, greenhouse gasses, atmospheric data.

Great Basin Geographic Database Download GIS data for the Great Basin with an emphasis on earth science, but also contains roads, counties, elevation, and hydrography.

David Rumsey Maps Historical maps of the world, including Idaho and surrounding states

Idaho GIS Data - Idaho Department of Water Resources The home of Idaho Department of Water Resources GIS program. Wide range of GIS data for Idaho with an emphasis on hydrography and irrigated agriculture, cultural, and natural resources.

Idaho GCDB Data Description and Downloads The home of the Idaho State office of the BLM GCDB program. Good description of the GCDB process and data available for download.

Idaho Department of Lands GIS Data Home for Idaho Department of Lands GIS program information. Map services displaying state facilities, structures, parcels, state ownership and more.

Idaho Falls Maps Online Map service displaying Idaho Falls zoning and more

Idaho GAP Data National data Clearinghouse for Idaho GIS GAP data. Wildlife distribution models, wildlife distribution across Idaho.

Idaho Geological Survey Digital Idaho geological data available for download. Good description of the processes used to compile digital geological data.

Idaho State Tax Commission GIS Information regarding the GIS program at the Idaho State Tax Commission.

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality GIS Links to Idaho DEQ GIS Data.

Idaho Geospatial Office Statewide geospatial information coordination.

Idaho State University GIS DataData clearinghouse focusing on the Idaho State University's area of concern (AOC). Eastern Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah. Natural resource, cultural, and atmospheric data.

Inside IdahoThe GIS clearinghouse for Idaho GIS data. Search engine, links to other sites,data warehouse.

Interior Columbia BasinEcosystem management Project (ICBEMP) The dataclearinghouse for the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem ManagementProject. A wide variety of natural resource, cultural, and tmospheric data available from a well organized site.

Kootenai Basin GIS Data Kootenai River Basin Research Team GIS data downloads.

Kootenai County GISData The home for geographic information of Kootenai County. Parcel data, natural resources, geodetic control for ootenai County.

Kootenai and Kalispell GIS Kootenai and Kalispell Tribe GIS data, cultural, vegetation, boundaries, raster and vector.

Land Cover Digital Data Directory for the United States From the EPA

Land Survey Information System and GCDB Data The Land Survey Information System or LSIS is the official government Web site for the distribution of the Public Land Survey System(PLSS) of the United States.

Lighthouse NRCS USDA GIS Clearinghouse NRCS Lighthouse GIS data clearinghouse, orthos, elevation models (NED), Tiger data, FEMA, topographic maps, census, etc. Data available in UTM and Stateplane.

LULC by 100k quad USGS Land Use Clearinghouse.Land Classification at 1:100,000 scale.

LULC by 250k quad USGS Land Use Clearinghouse. Land Classification at 1:250,000 scale.

Maps of Washington and IdahoHistorical maps, current maps, special maps from the University of Washington and Washington State University archives.

MAS/MILS Arc/Info point coverage for the western U.S. (excluding Hawaii)

MODIS The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), is a key instrument aboard NASA's Terra (EOS AM) and Aqua (EOS PM) satellites. Image gallery, description of capabilities, and directions to download data from the previous 7 days

Montana GIS Data Site (NRIS, Montana State Library)

National Atlas of the United States Map Layers Warehouse

National Cartography and Geospatial Center A robust clearinghouse for GPS, GIS data, Reports, NRCS Clearinghouse Gateway to the NSDI. Search metadata from over a hundred geospatial data servers (nodes).

National Climate Data Center Clearinghouse for the National Climate Data Center.

National Elevation Dataset Download digital elevation data (NED) directly from the source, updated frequently as better data becomes available.

National Gap Analysis Program The National GAP data clearinghouse located at the University of Idaho. National GAP data organized by state.

National Atlas of the United States Map Layers Warehouse

National Hydrography Dataset The GIS Clearinghouse for the National Hydrography Dataset. Download NHD data, access technical references, tools, applications, tutorials, technical support, and maintenance.

National Interagency Fire Center National fire maps, interactive mapping and links to other resources for geographic information pertaining to fire in the United States.

National Land Cover Data USGS Clearinghouse for 1:250,000 scale land use and land cover data for Idaho

National Park Service GIS Data Home of the National Park Service GIS Clearinghouse. Download GIS data, access interactive maps, provides a search engine for GIS data, publications, and general information.

National Wetlands Inventory site National Wetlands Inventory GIS data Clearinghouse. Download National Wetlands Inventory data in a variety of projections and data formats, including shapefiles and personal geodatabases. Data stored by map name by quad, or appended into 1:250,000 extents. Search for data using the online search engine. Maps available for download.

NRCS Spatial Data Gateway

Nevada Biodiversity Initiative

Nevada Natural Heritage Program

North America Ecoregions MapDownload ecoregion ESRI export and shapefiles, graphic ecoregion maps of the USA and the world.

Northern Rockies Information Node Download GIS data. This site maintained and developed by USGS's Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center and Montana State University's Big Sky Institute.

Northwest Habitat Institute The Northwest Habitat Institute creates and provides multi-scale, environmental GIS data sets and maps for the United States' Pacific Northwest region.

NRCS USDA GIS Clearinghouse NRCS Lighthouse GIS data clearinghouse, orthos, elevation models (NED), Tiger data, FEMA, topographic maps, census, etc. Data available in Geographic, UTM, and Stateplane.

Oregon Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

Panhandle National Forest GIS data GIS Clearinghouse for the Panhandle National Forest. GIS data, ownership, trails, stands, land type associations.

Region 8 EPA GIS Center

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Mapping the globe in 3 dimensions. Download elevation data and a good explanation of the Shuttle Radar capbilities.

Sagemap USGS GIS Data List by State GIS Clearinghouse for USGS Water Resources Division in Boise, Idaho. This download site has an emphasis on USDOI operations. Snake River Birds of Prey, BLM data, federal ownership based on GCDB. Hydrographic GIS data focused on water resources.

SSURGO & STATSGO Data National NRCS Clearinghouse for 24k soils data, organized by county.

StreamNet OnLine StreamNet is a cooperative venture of the Pacific Northwest's fish and wildlife agencies and tribes and is administered by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. StreamNet provides data and services in support of the region's fish and wildlife programs

U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the Office of Geographic Information Services The BTS Office of Geographic Information is a national resource for transportation spatial data and GIS in transportation (GIS-T)information

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Geographic Information Systems Home Page

University of Nevada-Reno Earth Sciences and Mining Library GIS

USGS Northwest Data Clearinghouse Home of the USGS Northwest GIS Data Clearinghouse. GIS data and professionalpapers with a focus on geology in the Pacific Northwest.

USGS DLG Data (Large Scale Digital Line Graphs for Idaho)1:24,000 scale DLG data from the USGS.

USGS 1:100,000 SDTS Raw USGS vector data in Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS). Scale is 1:100,000.

USGS 1:24,000 SDTS Raw USGS vector data in Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS). Scale is 1:24,000.

USGS 1:250,000 DEM Small scale digital elevation models presented by the USGS.

USGS National Atlas The home of the USGS National Atlas, interactive mapping and GIS data download for natural resource, demographic, cultural, wildlife, and data regarding subjects ranging from the spread of West Nile Virus to the distribution of butterflies. Several powerful interactive mapping services.

USGS Map Services More than 30 map services for the United States and the world. Thematic data display includes National Elevation Dataset, drought, hurricanes, roads, streams and much more.

US Fish andWildlife Service (UFWS) Data clearinghouseNational GIS data clearinghouse for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Download GIS data for pertaining to fish and wildlife, including habitat, species, and wetlands. Documentation including metadata, technical references, and interactive mapping.

Utah and Nevada GAP

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Conservation Data Center

Utah State University RS/GIS lab

Washington State Imagery PortalDownload digital orthophotos for Washington State in UTM NAD 27 or NAD 83.

Washington GIC Geospatial Clearinghouse

Washington State Department of Ecology GIS Data

Washington State Department of Transportation GIS

Washington State Department of Natural Resources GIS Data

Washington State Geospatial Data Archive

Water Resources NSDI Node, List of Spatial Data Sets for WaterNational GIS Clearinghouse for the USGS Water Resources Division. Access the USGS Water Resources spatial data sets available through their NSDI node. Links to other resources.

Wyoming GIS Data (SDVC)

Yellowstone National Park GIS Data The home for GIS data for Yellowstone National Park and vicinity hosted by the National Park Service. Raster and vector data including natural resource and cultural themes. Geology, hydrography, recreation sites, wildlife, and cultural resources.